Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Medieval banquet

The boy just had his big 3 - 0 and as a good proper English lad, he decided to throw a big medieval banquet!

Woohoo, I thought to myself, a whole roast boar, Obelix style!!!

Unfortunately no roast boar. A bit disappointing but still, chin up, must soldier on!

So, instead, we imbibed mead and had a good old jolly time.

So, our first "remove" was Cawl y Castell which, in normal words is Castle Chicken and Leek Broth.

It was a little thick and goopy but I'm guessing that in the olden times they needed more hearty stuff. It was served with a huge chunk of wholewheat bread. No spoon was provided so we sipped from the bowl.

Our second "remove" was Asen oen Sawrus Mewn Sams (or something like that), which was Savoury Lamb Ribs in Sauce. It was actually quite yummy and baked with honey. Quite tasty but again, we were only given a rather pointy knife so we used our hands. It was fun but burning hot (as you can see from my rather steamy picture).

After that came a whole half a chicken with a huge potato, or, as it was called, Cym Jar Melys, Catms a Salad (Sweet Chicken, Potatotes and Seasonal Accompaniments). The picture looks a bit gross with the sauce being pink but it was actually a light brown mustardy color and tasted a little bit like sweet and sour sauce. and was made with honey. The potato was served with herbed butter and was fluffy and delicious! However, even I couldn't eat much of it after the lamb. So I picked off the juicy dark meat bits and left the dry white bits.

Finally it came to the the last "remove", the Cellmair Cariad or, as they not so amusingly called it, 'The Amusing Side of Love'. It was actually custard with sponge. Not as exciting as they made it out to be but tasted quite nice, especially nice for my custard-loving boy.

The very best part was the Castle cake that the boy's brother made! Grey icing but deliciously moist inside.........mmmmmmmmmmnnnnn, I must have had at least 4 slices!!

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