Thursday, March 30, 2006

'nilla bean cream cone

My piece of chocolate today was the Vanilla Bean Cream Cone.

The Moonstruck Chocolate company market these as miniature works of art and I do have to agree.

However, breaking into the cone itself, the innards were a little disappointing. Not very vanilla-y. I was expecting rich pure vanilla flavaaaaaaaaaah but got mousse-y vaguely vanilla-esque creamy type filling.

Hmmm.... not one of my faves but pretty to look at and it's in my belly so honestly, can't be that bad!

That being said, due to the high amount of "heat" in my body, I just imbibed "24 Herbs", a black intensely bitter drink made with...24 herbs (*mock shock*) said to be good at re-balancing your body.....and that tasted just AWFUL. Unfortunately until my "heat" rebalances, its 24 Herbs for the next few days!

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