Wednesday, March 29, 2006

loco tacos

The boy (after *finally* coming home) and I, decided to go for this taco buffet. I was quite excited....after all, it was TACOs and a BUFFET. How can you not get excited?

So with stars in my eyes and a hunger in my belly, off we went for an evening of corn tortilla wrapped delights.

To our absolute horror and abject disappointment, the taco "buffet" was in actuality a pathetic display of a total of two hot trays with what looked like dried out "fillings" and a table of half empty dishes of salsa, guacamole and other dips which looked like it had been out for hours. It was only the length of one table.

I returned to our table sorely disappointed and wanting to go comfort myself in spicy Indian food. The boy also took one look and said that he could do a better taco buffet.

As it was late, we decided to order from the menu instead.

We had cheese empanadas, which I hadn't had before. It was quite nice, with a corn-y type "wrapper" and melty, stringy cheese. Actually, ANYthing with melty, stringy cheese is nice. I liked the green dip that came with it too but damned if I know what it was.

(ooooh, look at the melty, stringy cheese!)

The boy had beef enchiladas with rice and refried beans. Upon receiving this enchiladas, the boy announced that it smelled like armpits and lo and behold, it did. But in a nice way. It was good, both tasty and tangy but it was the kind of beef that got stuck in my teeth. Which meant half the meat got washed down the drain when I flossed.

I had the spicy pork burrito. It definitely did NOT have enough cheese and the pork wasn't spicy enough but it was saved by the huge dollop of sour cream and guacamole (which, channeling the magic like melty stringy cheese, makes everything taste better).

I was full and slightly regretful when I left the restaurant. Especially when I looked across the road at the other Mexican restaurant, who had a band playing and people salsa-ing. And whose burritos came covered in melty stringy cheese.

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