Friday, March 31, 2006

Bitter Herbs and Biccies

Oh Wai Sikness (yep, it is fast becoming a sickness) is coming to a head.

Due to over consumption of "hot" foods, I am now incredibly "Eet Hei". Basically I have too much heat in my body which manifests itself in lots of ways such as sore throat, propensity to bite ones tongue (I am so not joking, you Westerners reading this. Trust me, a gaggle of Chinese people are now nodding their heads wisely. Yep, we Chinese are wise alright!), and small sores in the mouth.

The remedy? No more "heat" foods, lots of sleep and Chinese soups.

For the desperate (i.e. me), it is to the local Chinese herbal tea shop I go for a cup of hot "24 Herb".

This is a black, slightly mentholated and extremely bitter herbal drink made out of 24 Herbs (like you couldn't work that out for yourself). Very potent stuff, very good for you like all foul tasting stuff are.

So I downed a mug full yesterday and felt loads better upon waking this morning.

This morning, I woke up to find that my wunderbar boy bought me a salad for lunch! I unfortunately froze the thing half to death in my mini-bar of death at work.

So lunch went something like this:

1:07 - Yay, lunch time!! Woohoo!
1:09 - Go and nick the paper from the Regional office, get special key from hiding place and open senior management cabinet to nick fork
1:11 - Return to desk, spend precious hungry moments trying to prise plastic lid off stupid salad box
1:15 - Get lid off and shove cherry tomato in mouth while trying to prise stupid plastic lid off stupid tiny dressing tub while thinking that the cherry tomato was so very cold
1:17 - Get lid off and start dipping pieces of veg in
1:18 - Suddenly remember hard boiled egg, go to fridge to get egg, remove shell and place in salad
1:19 - Get the feeling that the boy got cheated as the leaves were very wilted and damp
1:25 - Half way through salad realize that half of salad is frozen solid and cannot be eaten
1:26 - Receive phone call from Thailand about "urgent" matter. Not urgent to me but urgent to them.
1:27 - Start to panic and madly call people up demanding answers
2:07 - Finish task, return to poke dejectedly at frozen salad
2:08 - Go out and buy 24 Herb
2:12 - Drink 24 Herb making obscene faces and grumbling the whole time to all colleagues within earshot
4:32 - Feel incredibly hungry and proceed to demolish 8 mini digestive cookies

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