Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Going veggie...

Another weekend of indulgent eating....ahhh, blisss..........

The boy's sister and her fiance came to HK to experience the culture and landscape of the city.

Of course, to me, that means food. And lots of it.

However, I was in a bit of a worry for the last few weeks because, you see, they are vegetarians.

I am, of course, not a vegetarian. I flirted with it a bit in my yoof but at the end of a few months and some vicious headaches later, I succumbed to a damned good bloody steak. *sigh* I have no willpower.

Sadly in HK, there is much meat. Much delicious meat. So I was quite concerned and had to do a bit of research in order to satisfy my veg-head friends.

Luckily, we've been quite lucky and they have been quite indulgent with me trying to push their boundaries of what constitutes meat.

I highly suspect I am turning into my father...

"Maybe they are vegetarians because they haven't had a really good properly cooked bit of meat! I bet I can convert them!"

"No Dad, being vegetarian isn't a challenge to your cooking skills."

Anyhow, we ended up at the Peak on Sunday and had lunch at the Lookout.

The boy and I started with the seafood platter. A delicious cherrystone clam, oysters, mussels, other clams and prawns.

Tasted nice and salty, with tang from the red wine vinaigrette that it was served with.

The prawns were HUGE, pink and succulent looking things...

Look at them....mocking my allergies, daring me to eat them, with their beady little eyes taunting me.

Damn prawn allergy!!!

Our more compassionate companions had some deliciousness as well with the spinach, gorgonzola and pear salad with poppy seed dressing.

(You see that bit of pear there in the middle? With the big splodge of cheese? That bit was mine! I love my friends)

They also had some lovely looking risotto balls in fresh tomato sauce. They were enormous and I heard they were yummy as well.

Being the kind souls they were, they asked me if I wanted a taste but I declined (*gasp* yes, I do understand the meaning of restraint but I don't often practice it)

Their last dish was, some glorious Thai eggplant with rice. I heard that the sauce was nice and savory and they did rave over the flavor.

I, of course, was a bit more naughty and ordered the Thai beef salad. It was delicious. Tangy from the lime, spicy from the chilies and both sweet and salty. Definitely one of the best I've ever had.

On reflection, (i.e. just now the thought occurred to me) I think I should have refrained from ordering such a meat heavy meal out of consideration but truth be told, I simply forgot!!

You see, they are much more of the "live and let live" variety and I made a much bigger deal of them being vegetarian than they did. Some veg-heads beat you over the head with the issue and look uncomfortable when you inhale some innocent cow but not my friends. It was so much of a non-issue that I didn't think twice about how insensitive I might have been....


Well, from now on, I will make a bigger effort.

In fact, I am going to make a bold decision.

I will, for all upcoming meals with my greens-loving friends, refrain from meat....with the exception of seafood. A quick calculation means up to 6 meals in the coming few days.

Good thing I had veggie Indian on Sat night and veggie Shanghainese last night to get me started!

I will, obviously, be chronicling my food and my success (or failures) so that you may all drool along. Or poke fun. Much the same in my mind.

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