Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boy gone wild

The boy is lovely as can be but he doesn't often do the food shopping at home. That's mostly my domain. It's not a male chauvinist thing, trust me...he doesn't relegate me to the 'domestic' chores due to my being of the female persuasion. It's just that....well, he's a loose cannon in a grocery store.

An example of my typical grocery list:

- cottage cheese
- bran crackers
- lemons
- yogurt
- fruit is on sale
- lettuce
- chicken breast or pork chops/loin
- cherry tomatoes
- sweet peas or peppers
- one or two indulgent or 'splurge' type item: cheetos (!!), hunk of cheese, chocolate, drink, etc.

The boy's list?

Non existent except milk for his tea.

But that is not to say he comes home empty handed. No siree bob.

He usually goes in the store with the best of intentions to make me dinner. What usually happens is that he buys a phenomenal mix of everything and anything combining the most expensive things in the store ($40 for 2 imported nectarines!!!!) to the bargain basement foods that about to go off. Bless his soul, he also tries so hard to buy things that he thinks I would like or need. Such as hair elastics (who buys those at the grocery store?) and cinnamon apple 'candies' (they turned out to be Fisherman's friend throat lozenges!)

The boy ends up spending about 5 times as much as I do on food that will either languish in the refridgerator as he forgets to eat it or must be eaten that same night.

Completely impractical and incredibly indulgent at the same time, dinner that night consisted of a "must-eat-now" lamb burger with no bun, chilled mussels with dip, cereal and plums..... to give him credit, the lamb burger was perfect!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds great! Maybe this guy deserves a section of his own! - Like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!