Monday, January 16, 2006

Cheesy dough sticks

In a city where food thrives and there are movies named "God of Eating", I often crave the salty, processed and over dyed food of my youth....cheese puffs. Unfortunately, I adore cheese and not only the fancy stuff (Brie de Meaux...drool, drool) but also the cheap gross cheese "flavored" stuff... i.e. Cheezels, Cheetos, Smartfood (white cheaddar popcorn), kraft dinner cheese and mac, and on and on. It's the irresistable, sticky, stinky cheese powder that gets me.

So last night, after having downed a big bowl of octopus ball noodles, some veg and a dumpling quite early in the evening, I knew that I'd want a *little* something later on. Preferably trashy food since I was going to be watching trashy TV (America's next top model in case you're curious). And of course, msn-ing with my food twin, convinced me that yes, I do really NEED to go into one of the BUSIEST 2 block radius in Hong Kong, push through the crowds wearing sweatpants and a fleece, run to the nearest grocery store, queue up for 15 minutes with a mouldy old man breathing down my neck and trying to skip in front of me, pay HK$17.50 and run back through the crowds, trying to avoid street beggards and people handing me leaflets and wanting me to buy broadband, get home, change again into "home" clothes (i.e. even MORE comfortable sweatpants and t-shrit), wash hands, sit in front of the TV and finally tear the bag open, jump up because I forgot a drink, get some water, sit my lardy ass down again and then finally, as the theme song starts to play, and finally, stuff my mouth with curly Cheetos (these are so good!)

The whole ordeal took a full 28 minutes and it took me that same amount of time to tire of stuffing my face.

Like a true addict, I hid the bag away before the boy got home.

Oh boy, Cheetos for dinner tonight!

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