Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish!

Last night's convo:

Boy: So, did you want to go to the Franz Ferdinand concert with me?

Me: Um, okaaaay.....what famous song did he sing?

Boy: *dead silence*

Me: Um, well do I know their music?

(Note: I am very, very musically challenged. Remember food, remember books, no problem. Remember anything that I've heard or any singer/group/band and I blank entirely. I have no memory of these things and am not really a connoisseur. Blasphemy, I know, especially in this age where everyone appreciates music. Shockingly almost ALL of the boyfriends I have had were in a band or were really into their music. Their attempts to "educate" me amuse me.)

Boy: Ok so clearly you don't know who THEY are. Let me get my iPod.

Me: Is it sleepy music? (It was past midnight and I was tired)

Boy: NO! *heavy sigh* I just thought you might enjoy going to a rock concert, especially since you haven't been to an English concert before.

Me: Yes I have!!

Boy: Paula Abdul doesn't count......and neither does Elton John

(Explanation time: Paula Abdul was when I was 15 and had that cartoon cat thingy. I was thrilled to get the tickets at the time. Elton John was a first (disastrous) date with a previous boyfriend....we walked out halfway through. The only other concerts I have been to are Canto pop music concerts when my aunt gets free tickets through her friends.)

Me: What about the Real McCoy? I saw them once

Boy: I don't even know who they are!!! What did they sing?

Me: You know, that one song they are famous for!

Boy: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ok, so he plays the Franz Ferdinand track and (thankfully) I actually do recognize it. The boy also tries to oblige me by playing a "sleepy" song.

Boy: You should think of trout when hearing this song.

Me: Why?

Boy: It's called the "Trout Quintet"

Me: Ah. *listens to the music*

Me: I like trout. I like salmon better though. Like smoked salmon. I saw a program the other night where they traveled to Norway were making Norwegian smoked salmon, it looked good. Lots of dill. Mmmmmnnnn, I want smoked salmon.....I don't mind baked trout either. I want to open a restaurant named "Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish!" and play all fish music. That would be cool. We could have sushi chefs in one area and then a place for baked fish in another area. Oh and lots of smoked salmon, trout and mackerel. Hmmmmm, let's go for sushi tomorrow.

The boy rolls his eyes and plays Mr. Scruff's "Fish" track. The only one I remember and the one I fall asleep to.

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Robyn said...

Franz Ferdinand = the win. I didn't like them until I saw their concert. Going to see them in April, if all goes well.

Ah well, it's okay that you're musically challenged; at least you have the food thing. :)