Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How do you eat your Weetabix?

Yes, I know, long time no blog.

Well, to be honest, it's not been very interesting food's of late but I've just been on hols to the UK and Scotland and have had some delicious dishes! I will post over the next few days so as to keep you entertained.

First things first. Breakfast. Weetabix. Why have I not had this before? I discovered this a little by accident. Being wai sik, I had some breakfast at the B and B at Edinburgh and then I thought I'd have some cereal with yogurt. The cereal didn't excite me much so I picked up a small yellow packet of this Weetabix. Brought it back to the table, poured out my yogurt into the bowl and proceeded to open the packet. Looked a bit like a cake of thin vermicelli cardboard. Began to regret cereal choice. The boy looked on horrified as I started to smoosh up some of the bits to put on my cereal. Tried to stop me, telling me "That's not the way to eat Weetabix! You have to leave it WHOLE!". His parents told him to stop trying to sway me to eat cereal HIS way (haha). I took great joy in dumping it whole (to his short-lived relief) into my bowl of yogurt, then smashing it to bits with my spoon.

Hmmm, tasted ok. They proceeded to tell me about the challenge of eating 3 Wheetabixes....oooh, sounded interesting. And different methods of eating it such as with hot milk (more on this later) and so on.

In any case, I enjoyed it. Wasn't until about 30 minutes later that I realized that these things are PURE FIBER! I was soooooooo full. Me. FULL. Full feeling lasted a good 3 hours! This is a wonder food. I must have more!

So, today back in good old smelly harbour, I heated up a mug of ginger milk and dunked a patty of Wheetabix in. Hmm, seemed a bit thin, broke up another half and stuck that in. After stirring it, it turned into some thick paste.

Damn I'm full.

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haley said...

hey, what is this ginger milk? sounds intriguing. must be a brit thing?

a yank weetabix eater