Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yup, that's what English desserts are called. Puds.

Why oh why do they make yummy foods sound 'orrible?

Moving on then, while in the cold of England, we went out for a pub lunch. Twas a lovely cold day but the sun was shining brightly and the pub was cozy and warm.

Tried to have mince and dumplings (I have no clue what it is but sounded "English") but was told there was no more mince left (which, I was later told is basically ground beef) but I could have dumplings in the steak and ale pie instead of pastry. Bril. So my dish came:

Looks good, huh? Actually, to me, it just looks like a dried bit of cornbread stuck on top of beef stew. Which, is *exactly* how it tasted. Not bad but not great. I thought dumpling would be different. In my Chinese head, dumplings come wrapped around yummy bits of pork and veg and although I knew it would be different, for some reason I thought they would be kind of like rolled bits of noodle type thing which were chewy and soft. Anyhow,I was told these weren't "good" dumplings but I have yet to taste them.

I was so worried about the desserts, I made everyone at the table (the boy, boy's parents, aunt, grandparents, sister and her fiance) order before our mains arrived so that we would get what we wanted (yes, I know I'm pushy but we're talking dessert here, come ON!). And I had sticky toffee pudding and the boy had rubarb crumble. Who am I kidding, the boy's lucky if he gets a taste of dessert let alone choose. He gets what I don't like/won't eat. Isn't he great?

It looked scrumptious...

Tasted lovely...*insert sticky lip smacking noises here*

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