Monday, May 08, 2006

Lemony pick-at

Having had great success with the toffee mousse and learning my lesson from last time (fresh chocolate, amazing, stale chocolate, very much less amazing), I decided to, for your sakes, of course, to plow on through another "dessert".

I chose one of my other favorite flavors of the world, lemon.

This was a very "cute" chocolate and was actually very nice, also with very visible and tasty layers.
(description might be a bit daft but what do you expect?)

The bottom contained a healthy dollop of lemon curd that was surprisingly tangy and worked shockingly well. The bright yellow bit was a bit odd, can't really tell what that is and the "meringue" on top was like little bits of chocolate covered rice crispies. I'm sure it was more sophisticated than that but I don't have a sophistimacated palate unfortunately.

In any case it was good but too sweet for my tastes.

Apparently English chocolates are made very sweet, so the boy tells me. I couldn't have had another one....even for you.

PS. Incidentally, while writing this post, I am making my way through a Villar's Chocolate A L'Ancienne....which is not, what you may be led to believe, ancient chocolate but chocolate "elaborated" from an ancient and authentic recipe from the Swiss Chocolate Masters of Villars. I don't know about all that ancient stuff but it tastes good!

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