Monday, May 15, 2006

Swiss sauce

There exists something called "swiss sauce" in Hong Kong. I don't know where the name came from but essentially it's soy sauce. I believe that the first restaurant to use it was Tai Ping Koon (but I could be wrong).

In anycase, after work on Saturday (pity me), I was ravenous and went to Amy's Kitchen. Amy's Kitchen is about 3 or 4 doors down from Tai Ping Koon and, as I read somewhere, opened by the former chef of Tai Ping Koon.

Amy's Kitchen, like Tai Ping Koon, serves Hong Kong style Western Cuisine. My Mom used to think that all Western food was like this and was sorely disappointed when she immigrated to Canada and found out that it was far from the Western menus she had as a child.

As it was getting on in the afternoon, I got lucky and was able to chose the tea set menu with the swiss sauce stir-fried beef with thick rice noodles and a coffee or tea for HK$25. Got to love afternoon specials.

So I had a lovely plate of incredibly tender beef slices and green vegetables which were cooked with the swiss sauce, which was poured over pan-fried rice noodle ribbons which had been pan fried so that they had a bit of a chewiness that is often lacking.

The swiss sauce was nice and salty but not overly, with a bit more sweetness and flavor than the traditional soy sauce. It was also a little more thick, I guess from being cooked down slightly.

With a bit of chili sauce on the side for dipping the slices of beef, it was pure comfort and yumminess. Cheap and cheerful indeed.

PS. I also had the baked Alaska here on a previous visit. Truly impressive impressive looking thing. I order it for the looks alone.

Amy's Kitchen
G/F 16 Pak Sha Road
Causeway Bay
Tel 2838 4122
Fax 2572 6226

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