Thursday, May 11, 2006

Missing bamboos

Oh what a glorious lunch I had prepared for today!!

I have been pudging out a bit in the, erm, tummy area (*shakes fist at self greeed*) so decided to make nice, light, healthy meals to bring to lunch.

So, I bought and roasted some beetroot and dressed with a bit of lemon juice, coarse nummy mustards and balsamic, then I grilled yellow, red and green peppers and marinated them in a bit of balsamic, olive oil and cracked fresh peppers.

But my crowning glory were the bamboos. I chanced upon them at the market and bought two fresh bamboo tips (sorry, I forgot the photos) and procured them at tremendous (ok, fine. moderate) cost and brought them home with pride to my visiting grandmother.

At first she shook her head saying in HK, the bamboo tips are tough. She then had a quick pierce at the heart with her fingernail and pronounced them edible. I quickly peeled the tough outer layers and split them lengthwise to boil. After boiling, you cut them into large chunks to be dipped in Kewpie mayo (it MUST be Japanese kewpie mayo according to my grandmother).

As I had dinner with the family, I managed to restrain my self from eating it right away. Instead, I packed a box of lightly steamed baby corn, sweet peas, bamboo and the marinated peppers on some salad.

Lovely, right?

Except for the fact that I..............................forgot my lunch.


Instead, I had Vietnamese style pork balls with rice noodles

They weren't bad. They just weren't what I had anticipated for lunch.


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