Friday, May 26, 2006


Last night, a bunch of renegade (i.e. lazy) ex-Wing Chun buddies and I went for a canto-Korean oinkfest buffet. HK$108 and it was all you could eat with 3 types of drink (sour plum juice, honey dew melon juice and soy bean drink).

The buffet was split into about 4 categories. On the right side of the buffet was all the raw food designed for the grill in the middle of our table. The left side of the buffet contained all the cooked food. On top of the sneeze guard (useless in this instance), was all the sushi (which went regrettably unnoticed by one of our group until the very end) and the right and left of the main buffet was flanked with the extras, such as desserts, including a freezer full of ice cream, and soup.

The night began innocently enough as it was only me and an old friend with a small platter of bites including some florescent green marinated Japanese style seaweed with sesame seeds, some stir fried Korean vermicelli with vegetables, marinated radish and cukes.

Then, as more people joined us, the oinkfest really got underway. Platters of marinated meat was brought over to the grill, including marinated spicy pork, pork neck meat (incredibly fatty but tender), fish, salmon head, beef,
squid tentacles,

baby whole squid, cheese sausages (?!?), fake crab sticks (which I learnt is called seafood extenders!), curry chicken wings, pork ribs, a variety of fish balls,

“Dor Chun Yu” (literally many roe fish)

and many others.

We ate.

and ate.

and ate.

and ate.

Until we could eat no more.

Except for ice cream........ Huge bowls of ice cream rounded off the meal nicely.

Hugs all around as I rolled my belly home.

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