Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I spent an otherwise productive morning at work with this running through my head:

doughnutandcoffeedoughnutandcoffeedoughnutandcoffee. This is what has been scientifically classified as a craving.

So around noon time I give in and head out for a doughnut and coffee.

Today there are a few employees standing in front of the store handing out flyers and waving around noise makers. Noise makers are those inflatable tubes that you can tap together to show your enthusiasm during a concert or annoy people on the street.

I walk into the store, which is still fairly full today, and up to the counter where I am simply handed a fresh double glazed doughnut. Three cheers for corporate policy!

My first instinct is to go to the gourmet shop nearby to get my coffee, but freebie scoring guilt kicks in. And the small coffees here are not small. They are between a small and medium coffee at Starbucks. The house coffee does the job, nothing to blog home about.

There are still exec types hanging around the store today, probably talking charts and graphs rather than doughnuts and fillings. And a food stylist (I think that's what they call themselves) was arranging boxes of doughnuts in attractive combinations and taking pictures.

The staff are still in that overly enthusiastic mode, barely able to count change from excitement. And there are so many of them packed behind that counter, it almost seems as if they outnumber the customers.

As was my experience yesterday, one doughnut is never enough. Perhaps if I bring different outfits to work, I can score multiple free doughnuts every day. Just a thought.

Your friendly neighborhood Krispy Kreme Korrespondent...

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feipang said...

I had the honor of having my first Krispy Kreme in HK with Siu Mai the other night. I guess you could say it was a late-night snack.

The donuts are just as good as the ones in Cali.--although not surprisingly twice as expensive--and having a KK here is a great change to the ever ubiquitous mango-saimailo dessert shops.

That night they had original glazed, original glazed, and more original glazed. Their selection should get better in the coming weeks, but unfortunately I didn't see a chocolate cream-filled on their leaflet :( Now all we need is a Cheesecake Factory in HK and life here will be complete!

Also thanks for not posting the picture of me kissing the KK box.