Monday, August 21, 2006

Food Expo-sed

Today is the last day of the food expo in Hong Kong.

So it’s a good thing the boy and I went yesterday.

I must admit. It wasn’t planned well. We went after dim sum and we were going to a crab fest dinner that night so in-between eating was a bit daunting. But we soldiered on and we actually didn’t end up sampling much.

The reason?

The crazy crowds!

Check this out.

People going mad for soy sauce…

Weird display of a huge rotating abalone…

‘Baked Alaska’ with ice cream filling being blow torched…

Squid production line of cutting, flattening, grilling and shredding…

15 feet high chubby faces with stuffed mouths…

Huge packets of flaming ‘hot’ instant noodles…

And the man with the BIGGEST belly I EVER met flogging chopped pork and ham. Mmmmn... I love me some cold canned meat! I swear that this man's waist in inches is at least the same as his height. Let this be a lesson to 5'1" me...

And my personal favorite, a personal 'time-out' by the little old lady, hiding from her family and seeking comfort in ice cream...

It was a bit crazy with companies bundling foods at cut prices left right and centre.

And what did we end up with?

- 3 bottles of Lee Kum Kee sauces: sesame, Japanese curry and Korean fire chilli (it almost became 7 sauces because of these craaaazy deals but I resisted!)
- 6 boxes of konjaku flavored jellies (hey, they have no fat)
- 1 4-cup sized measuring cup, plastic spray bottle and squeezy bottle
- 1 bottle of soju
- 2 mini dark chocolate covered handmade German gingerbread (yep, this one lonely man came all the way here to sell them)
- 4 packets of pasta
- 2 packets of wafers with honey
- 1 bottle of ginseng alcohol
- 1 jar organic lemongrass ginger stir fry sauce

I had to physically pull the boy away from the Durian mooncakes, grilled squid tentacles, the huge hairy crabs and wipe the drool from his mouth.

Honestly, what kind of nice English boy, reared in Wales of all places, has an affinity for stinky foods?


Hefin said...

Do not blame the Boy for his stinky food affinity. Food in Wales is bland at the best of times, therefore the desire to sample weird and wonderful culinary creations is a well documented trait.

For example, I'm a fan of banana and crisp sandwiches...

and sweaty dolcelatta...

sometimes together.

Sui Mai said...

What in the world is "sweaty dolcelatta"?

Now I'm adventurous but something with the word 'sweaty' in it is a little disturbing....

susan said...

Hi Jessie, hope you're well. I went on Friday and it was packed that day too. I bought:
24 packs of crispy pork (it's the most delicious stuff in the world; originally bought 12 then realised it's not enough so went back to buy more)
3 packs of Korean seaweed
2 bottles of fruit syrups (passionfruit and elderberry)
2 large and 2 small jars of shrimp/chilli paste.
A "string" of dried figs, a box of pastries and some other dried fruits from a Syrian vendor.

I wanted to buy some Hawaiian black salt but they wouldn't sell it to me on the trade-only day (this was upstairs).

Sui Mai said...

Hi Susan, great to hear from you!

24 packets of dried crispy pork?

I knew there was a reason I liked you!

Now I feel like I didn't buy enough, darn it!

I also highly recommend that you go to Taiwan for your next holiday, after all, you seem to have a fondness for Taiwanese snacks with the crispy pork and steel eggs!

susan said...

Hi Jessie,

I'll save a pack for you. It's extremely delicious.
Wasn't that gingerbread man sweet? I should have bought some from him.