Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This just in!!!

I am extremely proud, on this day, the eighth day of the eighth month in the year two oh oh six, which marks not only Krispy Kreme's opening in Hong Kong but also our very own Krispy Kreme Korrespondent......

It is 11:28am and I am 2/3 of the way through my very first Hong Kong-birthed Krispy Kreme double glazed doughnut.

Nope, I'm done.

Now I'm regretting giving my second one away. But happy to report they are as moist and sugar-laden as I remember them to be.

It is the grand opening day of the inaugural store in Hong Kong, located 2 minutes away from my place of work. Which is why I have been chosen to be your trusty Krispy Kreme Korrespondant. Or volunteered. Whatever.

On the street korner is a handy sign pointing the way to said store, cheerily flanked with balloons. Standing in front are newly minted KK employees, passing out informative flyers with deals for buying more doughnuts then you'll ever need (2 dozen? Only if you aspire to be a diabetic. Just in case, they cost $168). The smallish space is packed with enthusiastic consumers, reporters and wide-eyed employees. As is typical of first time cashiers, the woman behind the counter takes my order with almost breathless nerviness. And as per tradition, there is a glass window behind which you can see freshly baked doughnuts being glopped with the sugar output of a small country. First-timers are pressing their noses to the window in open curiousity as if they were at a zoo.

The Zoo of Sugary Goodness.

Also on offer are 'collectable' tshirts and travel mugs. The mugs feature a wraparound Hong Kong skyline, with the KK logo and neon sign, and the Grand Opening date in hokey Chinese-stroke lettering. The same lettering features on the tshirts, which makes them look like Star Ferry tourist buys. But die-hard fans will certainly snatch them up, as they are supposedly on limited offer.

And now for some relevant information. In the pre-selected assorted dozen, assuming you are not able to select your own, are:

Original glazed
Chocolate Iced glazed
Glazed Raspberry filled
Glazed cruller
Glazed sour cream
Glazed chocolate cake
Chocolate Iced custard filled (my head explodes just from hearing that combination)

I look forward to the rest of this year, struggling against my impulse to gorge on ridiculous amounts of doughnuts, and reporting on all other breaking KK news as it happens, from the frontlines.

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REMO said...

Great story on Krispy Kreme. Please keep us up to date in the coming weeks. As KKD investors we are particularly interested to learn objectively whether or not the store prospers over time.