Friday, August 04, 2006

Don’t get mad, but…

...are the words that indicate that you are about to get very mad indeed.

Those were also the words that greeted me at the door last after a pleasant evening out with friends.

With dread in my heart, I took a quick look around the flat, nothing was broken, my dog looked perfectly happy, I didn’t hear the gushing sound of a broken pipe so it was with great apprehension that I looked at the boy, who was looking very sheepish indeed.

“It was for the blog!” he blurted out.

I must have looked incredibly confused so he told me he bought something he probably shouldn’t have but it was all for the sake of Sui Mai.

So of course I immediately went over to open the fridge to see what he had done.

He had bought a huge. ass. platter. of. sashimi. In a ship shape. On discount. At 10:30pm.

He couldn’t help it. As per his usual financially schizophrenic grocery shopping behavior, he thought it would be a good deal.

He also wanted the ship. Yes, sadly the boy is still obsessing about pirates, not helped by the pirate-y theme at ocean park and the just released movie.

And what better excuse than using Sui Mai.

Oh, and even better was the big ass Asahi beer that he thought was proportional to his gigantic shipwreck of a about-to-go-off sashimi platter.

Also “for” Sui Mai.

You have to forgive him though. How could you not?

He waited a full hour and a half for me to come home and take the perfect shot before digging in.

I can’t even imagine the sitting-edge-of-the-seat-excitement as he waited for me to come home and see his ship o’fish.


umami said...

aww, this post is so sweet and funny.

ttfnRob said...

Good grief! That is an odd food idea, quite grotesque in its own way. But its pirate related.

Now I'm conflicted.