Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Krappy Krisp


I love apple crisp/crumble (anyone know the difference?) and seeing as I had soft apples that needed using, I thought I'd make one.

So I looked at a few recipes and decided to slice up my apples, toss with lemon, cinnamon and sugar (white since I had no brown). After 2 apples, my ceramic was getting rather full so I stopped.

I then put 1/2 cup each of oatmeal, flour and sugar, a few sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg then mushed it all with some butter until it resembled crumbs.

Put it on the apples and bunged in the oven.

What came out was kraptastic.

A thick layer of krisp (yup, I was trying to channel Krispy Kremy goodness) krumbs, which was sickly sweet and a thin layer of also sickly sweet apples.

A THIN layer of apples. In fact, you could barely taste them over the SWEEEEEEEEEETNESS!

I'm not bitter, I swear. I'm really, really sweet...

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