Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bad lunches

I *HATE* bad lunches.

I have fallen victim to a bad lunch and am sitting here fuming. What a waste of good stomach.

As I have been on a money saving mission, I decided to unearth from my freezer a lunch sized container of stew which I put there a few weeks back. Got to the office yesterday and by lunch, it was still frozen and therein it remains today (I think I should's a bit odd lookiing at the moment).

So, frozen lunch I cannot have so out to buy lunch I go.

However, I forgot that I had the extravagant sum of HKD$35 in my pocket. But, this being a cheap end of town, I shouldn't have a problem. I decided to head off to Maxim's. I plumped for the 2 dishes + rice + soup/drink deal for $28. As the swiss chicken wings (no idea why they are swiss, they are just soy sauced wings to me!) were only $3, I added one to my order. Total: $31

I choose the corn+fried fish and the chicken cubes with celery, carrot and peanuts. It wasn't very good. I finished most of the fish, 2 bites of the chicken cubes, 1 spoonful of rice. I didn't even manage the soup. I did, however finish the chicken wing.

I dug around my drawer and came out with an extra dollar for a Coke Light ($5) for comfort.

Cheap? Yes. Cheerful? I hate my lunch.

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