Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chewy, teeth bouncing noodles

Mid-Autumn Festival, my latest excuse to feast! Oh, and my boyfriend is visiting and he is very discouraging when it comes to curbing my enthousiasm about food (which is why I love him!)

In a fit of hunger yesterday night, we went out for a bite of food. Came to the Japanese Curry Bee about 40 paces from my house and indulged in a carb-fest.

I ordered the curry beef and cold mushroom udon.

Upon receiving them, I immediately picked out the mushrooms to put in my curry, took out the onions and slurped away. Lovely, chilled, teeth bouncing noodles (dan-ah in Canto). Nice spicy Japanese curry (bit sweet for those used to the other kinds of curry) to counterbalance. All in all, very nice.

However, after a curry, one always feels the need to refresh the mouth. Off I dragged my boyfriend over to the sweet shop (trust me, it didn't take a lot of convincing).

I ordered the boring but yummy mango-pomelo-sago while he got the...ew....durian pancake. It was mildly disturbing to see how much he enjoyed that thing.

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