Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Whole wheat pasta

On Monday I lovingly made bolognese sauce, ground beef, onion, garlic and minced carrots simmered in red wine, then crushed tomatoes and their paste. Simmered for a good 3 hours and it smelled divine.

Then, after that, it was wasted.

How you say?

By spooning it over whole wheat pasta. I'll announce it here: Whole wheat pasta is yucky.

I even bought the organic (hence expensive) stuff. DAMN. Unfortunately, the health food marketeers are very smart. It comes in a HUGE bag. So I'm stuck with it. I could not eat it, some of you are thinking but I must. Why? Well for one thing, I'm very skint at the moment and due to my preference for buying mascara over groceries, I am resigned to eating everything in my cupboard and fridge for the next few months until I have enough money to pay taxes. Good thing I'm an avid hoarder of food....

I washed the whole wheat pasta down with half a loaf of beautiful WHITE French bread and chocolate fondue. My healthy meal was a success.

Oh and I scored Haagen Daaz which my friend bought over (I think it was insurance against my cooking personally but I'll let it slide).

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