Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hungry Hippos

Breakfast: yogurt with unsweetened muesli (with 42% dried fruit!)

How do people do it? Last an entire morning with no snacks.

I can't. Unfortunately in Hong Kong, we eat at 1pm and I cannot go on without my snacks. My snack of choice today?

A slice of cheese and half of an usually sweet dragonfruit. Yum.... still, I was counting down the minutes until lunch.

Lunch was reheated chili I had made over the weekend. However, being the cheapskate I was raised to be, I think that the plastic leaked into the chili, giving it a horrendous plastic taste. Yuck indeed.

So now, here I am, after lunch, considering what to do. Run out to the nearest Circle K for some chocolate or a diet coke from the machine.

Such are the trials of life.

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