Thursday, September 15, 2005

I love bread.

Had a girlfriend over last night for dinner who is vegetarian (what IS she thinking?) and I offered to, ahem, cook for her. Those who know me, know that while I am definitely an expert at eating, cooking is a whole other story (doesn't make sense, I know).

Anyhow, I rushed out of work, grabbed a loaf of French bread from that lovely bakery downstairs from Sogo and some basil....was lining up to pay when nearby the counter, those slimy marketing bastards put some Bugels on sale.......Bugels, nacho cheese in flavor.....they were calling to me. Do I risk sneaking out of the long queue to get some? Should I? But I've been working I want to waste all my efforts? But nacho cheese!!! At the end, I got to the head of the queue and clumsily grabbed a jumbo bag and paid and left in a fluster of guilt.

On a good note, I made a very healthy and fabu meal yesterday, put tomatoes, chopped up peppers and garlic with salt, pepper and olive oil in hot oven for a bit while I cooked whole wheat pasta (not great tasting but better damn well make me healthy if I have to sacrifice taste!!). Then halfway through, put in some chopped up basil and balsamic, stuck in oven for another 15 mins then put in some marinated artichockes, dumped the pasta in, mix, mix and voila!!! Too bad by the time this was done, my vegetarian friend and I had finished the enormous, 2 ft long loaf of French bread!!

The lovely girl brought over chocolate pastries! Yay!

Oh, and for those wondering, I hid my Bugels. I'm waiting for an especially depressing day at home where I can indulge, dipping them in cottage cheese and salsa. Hehehe.

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