Thursday, September 15, 2005

Comfort food

Was feeling rather odd today...

I had breakfast (Multi-Grain Cheerios........yum, gotta love that "lightly sweetened" stuff)

then a snack...

Slice of emmenthal cheese and a low GI cookie....not great

then it came to lunch and the most bizarre thing happened. I wasn't hungry. Not only that, I was getting incredibly nauseous. This was bad. Very bad. In addition, loads of people at work are sick at the moment, which does not bode well for me... drastic action was needed.

I ventured outdoors for a the famous spicy noodle shop. I ordered a huge bowl of "suen lat mai seen" (sour, spicy rice threads) with pork, fish balls and bamboo pith (me trying to describe this to the poor noodle man was a comedy in itself......."Is it duck? Can you read? Is it tofu? Can you read?" .... "No, I can't's squishy and comes in flat-ish sheets, no, I can't read Chinese...I'm illiterate you see.")

It was wonderful. So. As my poor neglected home-made chili sat in the office fridge, I was slurping down hot, spicy, sour soup noodles, sniffing all the while. When I finally grasped the last strand of noodles and popped it in my mouth, and blew my slobby nose, I knew I was going to be all right.

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