Saturday, June 17, 2006


After reading many of the fantastic food blogs extolling the virtues and deliciousness of the kohlrabi, particularly when dipped in some salt, I couldn't resist. I had to try.

I'm incredibly suggestible when it comes to trying food, especially ones I have not yet tried. Some I cannot afford but I do the best I can. So after hearing so much about Maldon salt, I found it in the local Park 'N Shop run Gourmet supermarket to go with the kohlrabi I found at a special Italian fest at City Super.

The salt I tried a flake first on my tongue..... Definitely different than table salt and stucturally different than the coarse salt I usually use.

Then it was time for the kohlrabi. It looked like an alien vegetable to be quite honest, round and bulbous and pale green with these bits around the veg. The top bit had a long stalk of green leafy bit.

To eat, I cut a slice off the top. It smelt incredibly peppery and 'crisp' and is very white in the centre with light green around the edges, a little like the inside of a granny smith apple. I sprinkled Maldon salt over the top of the slices and took a big bite. It was a lot sweeter than I thought and less peppery than it smelled but with a nice 'bite' to it. I really liked it, especially with less salt. It reminded me of a sweeter, nicer fresh baby radish while the boy felt it was more in line with a carrot. It was definitely much crunchier and watery, like a granny smith apple.

So, after all this? I concur with the other bloggers out there, this is a must try.

I just hope Hong Kong will see more of this vegetable soon!

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