Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A sign

My horoscope for today read:

"When you first started indulging yourself, it was something special. But now you're becoming increasingly reliant on these little treats. Difficult as facing this is now, the sooner you recognise what you're doing, the more swiftly you'll find a better way to boost your spirits, and once again enjoy those treats only from time to time"

I am, sad to say horrified.

This has been the most accurate horoscope I have ever read. Let me explain.

Lately I've been feeling, well.....podgy.

Truth be told, I've gained a little weight. Ok, quite a bit. I have a sticky-outy belly where previously it was just a friendly little thing.

With summer here and the first bikini outing next Sunday, I am doomed.

Oh, and I ate a packet of Cheetos for dinner yesterday.

And a bag of Cheezels over the weekend.

I've also broken my "buy-Cheetos-only-if-on-sale-and-is-the-puffy-twisted-kind" rule.

I must break my dependence on my little treats.

Right after I finish the half open bag I have at home........

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