Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We do chicken right!

Uh huh...I'm soooooo chuffed!!!

I made a roasted chicken (bastardization of other people's recipes) and it turned out good!!!!

The boy, accustomed to my ...um... cooking attempts in the kitchen was highly skeptical when, after 1 hour, the chicken looked......well, half raw to be frank and since it was a tiny chicken, he was right to be concerned.

After scoring a chicken at the market, I rubbed it down with lemon, herbs de provence, oil from za olive and plenty of seasalt. Then I shoved half a lemon and shallots up its a*s (oh, yeah, I'm kinky) and then put bits of garlic under the skin. Left it to marinate for a day or so and then roasted that baby.... urm.....but I did fight hard with the conundrum of breast up or down. I finally decided on down.

It took a dang long time I tell ya! I need a proper oven for one thing but still, it usually works ok. Cooked it for an hour and a half, checked and seeing it looked kinda raw, cranked up the heat and removed the tin foil and let it tan quite nicely.

Served with the now soft shallots and garlic, together with steamed green beans, my boy ate up his meal, patted his belly and sang the old KFC jingle.

Oh yeah......I SO rock....

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