Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Top Heavy at Top Deck

I am *almost* ashamed of myself. Not entirely or I wouldn't have the guts to do this but almost.

I had planned a nice, long leisurely lunch with friends for the boy and I on a nice Sunday afternoon. The male counterpart of the couple we ate with, let's call him Big T, is over 6ft and althletic and Western, by which I mean, not thin but very fit. Me, I'm just over 5ft, Asian and chubby.

I out-ate him.

By a LOT!

Now this is not a good thing. Especially since, less than 24 hours prior to this lunch, another friend's significant other asked me how I could eat so much. You see, I out-ate him too.

I am by no means boasting, this is quite embarrassing, out-eating friend's boyfriends on a regular basis. My excuse is that Asians have greater eating power by our elastic stomachs. They don't buy it. Whereupon I break down and admit my greed, which they happily accept.

Ok, carrying on to the good part.

Top Deck is the renovated top deck (aha!) of the Jumbo Floating Seafood restaurant. Jumbo is the ultimate in cheese with green neon lighting and looking a bit like a cheap pink wedding cake from the Seventies. Cafe Deco (of the Peak fame) renovated the top portion in 2005 and reopened it with a Western menu keeping it airy, light with lots of outdoor dining space.

We arrived at about noon and were seated under a canopy outside. After a cursory look at the view, my friend (bless her!) and I dove straight into the buffet.

My first plate consisted of two large whelks, three oysters (I know not from where), some cold somen with caviar, and a leg of Alaskan crab.

First the oysters. Yum. Sweet and salty. You'll see these repeated a lot.

*sidenote to the Chinese reading this, the oysters at regular price were HK$24 each!! You'll be happy to know I ate more than the price of the buffet like the good Chinese girl I am.

The whelks were a little rubbery, you won't see these repeated, the somen average and the crab leg sweet.

I moved on to plate two quite quickly. More oysters, this time accompanied by smoked salmon and a "cake" of faux crab sticks surrounding some real crab salad in the middle. Another Alaskan crab leg came along (psst....they were pre-cracked!!)

You'll be proud to note that I did not follow my peers and eat sushi. Sushi contains rice, which all good buffet buffs know are 'fillers'.

After a revolting conversation involving paella which my friends had a bad experience with at a certain restaurant in IFCII (*cough*). I still insisted on trying it, especially since a little friend decided to return with me.

"Fred" is a yabbie and enjoys saunas in plates of paella as well as cool dips in water glasses. Bright red and tan from the heat, he loves refreshing himself with lemon.

Anyhow, yes, I had a piece of sea bass with eggplant, some green papaya salad, a bit of paella with mussel and a tomato with mozzerella hiding in the back. I am evil enough to attempt to eat Fred but a look inside his shell revealed dark insides......*sigh* why must all the pretty ones have dark shrivelled interiors?

Moving right along, I had a slight break with a mini lemon meringue tart and then it was more fish, more oysters and a smidge of veggie curry on rice...ok more than a smidge but I didn't eat all the rice...honest!

I was thinking about more oysters but I stopped midway to the oyster bar and asked for a freshly made crepe with summer berries and a scoop of Movenpick ice cream. I also added the chocolate sauce.

I made a pig of myself.....or so I thought. Then I saw my boy's plate.


and he says he doesn't like sweets!! He said it was half for me but by the time my pancake was done, so was the chocolate plate.

I ended with another scoop of Movenpick topped with berries and called it a day.

Brilliant fun, good, fresh food and lovely friends....bliss....

Top Deck at the Jumbo
Jumbo Kingdom
Shum Wan Pier Drive
Wong Chuk Hang

Tel: +852 2552 3331

Sunday Seafood Buffet: 11:30am to 2:30pm
$298 with unlimited bubbles

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