Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sand-wedge lunch

People who know me know that I work in a very industrial part of town, filled with factories. Happily, it is cheap but sadly filled with the “cha chan teng” type restaurant “Cha chan teng” literally means ‘tea meal house and typically serve Chinese diner type meals such as minced beef on rice with egg, fried fish in corn sauce, fried rice, various noodles, etc. Cha chan teng food is usually cheap filling and the ‘workman’s lunch’. I like it but unfortunately they are not usually healthy and especially around these parts, are laden with grease and oil.

So, in an effort to reduce the sticky-out bit of my belly, I try to bring my lunch or order healthy type foods. The only Western type restaurant around these parts is one Mr. Sandwich. While their food is quite decent, I’m not one much for sand-wedges (which is how the Brits pronounce sandwiches…at least to my ears). It reminds me too much of the limp, horrid sandwiches of yore which I used to take to school. These pathetic excuses for lunch, when I was in grade school, consisted of two pieces of close-to-stale white bread with a slice of ham with no condiments or garnishes. Although sandwich making has improved muchly and many gourmet sandwiches have appeared, they are usually not my lunch of choice….I prefer hot foods.

Well today, on my way to ordering penne bolognaise (Chinese style which is wayyyyy different than the Italian ragu), I stumbled upon a new style sandwich….

….Mango and turkey breast.

Mmmmn, that sounded good….I like fruity bits in my food, something the boy deplores.

So in goes my order:

“I’ll have the Mango and turkey breast sandwich please….

…on French bread….

…with no butter…

…oh and no mayo….

…extra mustard….

….yes, all the garnishes please………

….wait, wait, do you include onions? I don’t like onions……..

…oh and can you also include 2 packets of black pepper?”

I am the most annoying person in the area I believe.

It was good…..looked a bit scary with all the yellow mustard but tasted good with a good 1/2 a oval piece of mango wedged in.

Except for the French bread, which was over toasted and roof-scrapingly dry and hard.

Yay for a new lunch fave!


Anonymous said...

where is en located? that tofu looks yummi.

Sui Mai said...

Oops, I guess I should have posted it. Thanks for the reminder!!

The one I went to is located in Causeway Bay (cross from the Times Square cinema on the corner)at:

En Japanese Dining Bar
2/F., Plaza 2000, 2 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
TEL: 2834-3255