Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From burgers to peppers

Last night I made a very white dish. Something I have eaten maybe twice in my life and I consider very American.

Stuffed peppers.

They were the result of my failed attempt at making hamburgers. My brother, who I hate to admit better at everything, including cooking, made me a batch last time he stayed at my house and between mouthfuls, I swore I could make them just as nice, if not better.

So after about eighteen months of supreme procrastination, I decided to test it on some lean beautiful fresh ground beef that I had bought. After putting a bit of this and that in, including grated carrots, cheese, worcheshire sauce, Montreal steak spice, etc.

Sounded and looked good but wouldn’t hold together. Even the addition of an egg didn’t help. Tried broiling a “patty” but that just resulted in a wet mess. Wasn’t sure what to do until I remembered I had a pack of 3 colored peppers in the fridge.

I cooked up a bit of rice, mixed it in with the failed burger and stuffed it into the peppers, topped them up with a smear of tomato paste (no, not ketchup) and dumped chopped tinned tomatoes over the lot.

It looked good and smelt good, and luckily for me and the boy, tasted good.

Now about those hamburgers………


ttfnRob said...

This is a greatr idea - I'm going to try it with Quorn ASAP. will let you know how it goes...

Drew said...

Sadly I dont think 'lean' beef lends itself to making hamburger patties......
I think you need the fat and some other binding agents to keep the whole beefy mess together.

Try try and try again!