Monday, July 10, 2006

Just desserts

My visiting cuz and I explored that pastime that girls like best when in small groups. Shopping.

The mission for the day?

A perfect white summer dress (Chloe inspired if possible), fed by the extortion of girly magazines since April that it was the ‘must have’ of the season.

Armed with what seemed like an easy mission with the explosions of white in stores, it turned out to be near impossible. First the shape was wrong (not enough strategically placed, boob enhancing darts), then the material and subtle print needed.

Our mission failed so we decided to partake in another girly pastime, dessert. As we were already in the mall (pronounced like ‘maul’ and not m-aahhhl, thank you very much!), we decided to head towards Thai Basil, a favorite for dessert of all things.

In the spirit of the mission, I chose the drink, ‘whiter than white’. It arrived a lot creamier than I expected and its bouquet consisted of guava, lychee (this sold me) and coconut crush. It seemed rich but was remarkably refreshing. The guava was barely present and the lychee seemed to lighten up the heaviness of the coconut cream. I had barely offered a taste to my cuz when she slurped up a mouthful and jumped to her feet. While I was left pondering what happened, my incredibly resourceful cuz had already rushed to the bar, in full flirt mode, determined to find out the recipe. Unfortunately, she also caught the eye of the manager who walked up just as the bartender was about to spill the beans. The manager himself was not one to be left out and turned on his own flirt mode in order to get the phone number of my cuz. However, all missions failed and my cousin, returned un-victorious but determined that I should have a go at coaxing the recipe. I promised to try experimenting at home but being a hopeless flirt, declined a more seductive method. (Stay tuned.....experiments coming to a blog near you...)

In any case, we had more important matters at hand. Like dessert. I ordered a steamed ginger pud with honeycomb ice cream. This may sound familiar to my regular readers so I can tell you that Thai Basil is owned by the same parent as Rice Paper.

It arrived as usually, spectacularly. It was good. However, it was a touch let down by the dryness (and I suspect slight staleness) of the pud itself and the bath of custard (not a bad thing in the boy’s mind) but was, as always, very satisfying, rich and delicious.

My cousin had the purple sticky rice with mango. Beautifully presented and gorgeous to behold but way too rich after my drink and after we had both demolished my ginger pudding (ice cream, naturally, had to be eaten first).

Although no dress was found, I feel that may be a mixed blessing. After all, after dessert, there is no way we would have fit into a dress we bought prior to the sugar rush.

Thai Basil

Shop 5, LG/F Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Hong Kong
Tel 2537 4682
Fax 2918 9418

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