Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Olly olly oxen free

In a bid to refine my palate and to experience all sorts of yumminess, I want to begin cooking better. Having used up most of my oil, I am in the market for a good olive oil.

I need 3 types:

- one for cooking
- one for dressing, sprinkling, dipping of ze bread perhaps?
- one olive oil for making chili oil

I don’t know too much about cooking yet….I plan to sometime in the future but for the cooking oil, I’m guessing I just want a mild one for grilling, sauté and all that good heat-based things. I don’t want anything too expensive and am happy to go with something quite reasonable that I don’t feel bad using. Browsing through some blog recommendations, I read both here and here (wonderful “how to” guides) that Colivita may be a good choice. I will probably pick that one up.

I’m guessing that the most expensive one will be the one for dressing as we might actually taste the flavor of the oil in this. I am not sure which one yet but think I can probably wait a bit on this one to see if any recommendations pop up.

I am also thinking that to make chilli oil, I don’t necessarily need something really yummy tasting so am thinking of perhaps store brand (in my case Park and Shop) extra-virgin olly oil.

So if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations, more than happy to hear, try and buy!

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