Sunday, July 30, 2006

Krazy Krispy Kremes

The lengths I go to for Sui Mai...

Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I walked the walk of shame....all for you.

Due to the rainstorm and crazy weather conditions yesterday, my event was cancelled and so I decided to rush down to Times Square for the Krispy Kreme giveaway I posted on Friday.

When I got there, I was standing there in the pouring rain absolutely horrified by the greedy behavior of my fellow human shoppers. In the pouring rain, people were pushing, grabbing, and generally exhibiting shocking behavior in an attempt to get free donuts. Even worse were the number of people I heard who asked what it was they were giving away! People who did not even know what was in the boxes still decided to forego their dignity and any pride in order to grab as many boxes as they could. I saw one couple walk away with 4 boxes!! All grabbed by the woman, who ran into the crowd, pushing people apart to grab at a box, switch hands, grab at another before passing them back to her companion.

They too did not know what it was until they opened the box.

The overwhelmed, mostly Western team from Krispy Kreme struggled to keep the huge racks of donuts from being toppled while satisfying the rabid crowd and dealing with security personnel asking them to leave. All this in the pouring rain.

I *really* did not want to join the crowd but did feel it was my duty to get a donut and report back.

So I stood on the fringes, cringing inwardly and feeling very much ashamed. The goodnatured staff saw me but everytime they went to give me a box, it was grabbed away by greedy hands. All we could do was exchange sheepish looks while still waiting patiently. I have to admit that at one point I lost my patience and turned around to shout at a very professional looking man in a suit to stop pushing me and the old lady next to me (who, by the way, was trying to hand one box off to her family while grabbing another box).

I finally did manage to get a box but hung around, watching the panic die down as people realized there were no more donuts.

The manager, Matthew, told me that there were 1000 dozen donuts given away on Saturday and they plan for another 1000 on the Sunday. They were to be priced at $88 for a dozen and $9 for a single donut (I can't vouch for accuracy due to difficulty of hearing over the shouts of disappointment)

Instead of a single donut, each person was given a generous half dozen box of their infamous glazed donuts.

I shared mine with my Mom and the boy.

Was it Krispy? Was it Kreme-y?

I loved them. Tasted just like the ones in New York with gooey-soft goodness. Light glazing around the donut and soft yielding innards.

The boy loved them and we had to fight over the last one.

My Mom?

She said it tasted slightly uncooked and that she'd prefer a crueller from another donut shop. She wasn't sure it would fly in Hong Kong except for people like me, who grew up eating raw cookie dough, gooey cinnamon buns, barely cooked pancakes (a personal favorite) and monkey bread.

Your thoughts?

*As a sidenote, my Mom kindly offered to hold on to the box of donuts as we walked around in Causeway.....she said it was better that people thought an older lady fought off the pack of rabid shoppers for donuts than a younger, soaked, chubby girl. Yep, that's my Mom for you. Always looking out for me......I think.....

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