Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Smelly cheesy fishy goodness

The boy was getting ready to go, but being peckish, I suggested eating a quick dinner in before rushing off to fly halfway across the world.

Opened up the cupboard, there lay dinner. My guilty pleasure and the boy's somewhat horrified apprehension.

It was good ole KD. (that's Kraft Dinner, Mac and Cheese for the uninitiated)

The boy had, surprisingly, never had it before and in an effort to share my trashy food, I had bought the best of the best, the Deluxe version.

To be honest, I shouldn't have let him see the bright, unnaturally orange cheese before it was mixed in (making it a lot less orange really).

Bizarrely, we both thought it was somewhat less tasty than it seemed (I usually use ketchup, which makes it more tasty) but my boy, being the wonderful, odd one that he is, decided that it needed a bit of flavoring.

His choice?

Gentlemen's Relish

Yep, he's English alright.

Gentlemen's Relish is a spread that is based on anchovies and is delicious in its own right, especially for people who like salty smelly things like "ham yue" (preserved, salted fish).

Mixed in cheese mac? I thought it would be horrific but for some reason, the smelly, tangyness of the fish meshed perfectly with the salty cheesiness of the mac and cheese.

So we both ended up eating smelly, cheesy, fishy mac.

We most definitely smell.

However, I'm not the one going on a 12 hour flight.

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